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Activated Charcoal Powder - Bamboo

Activated Charcoal Powder - Bamboo

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Our Activated Charcoal powder is a super fine, high quality steam activated charcoal powder made from bamboo. It is triple-milled to reduce impurities and has a very consistent particle size. Activated Charcoal is used in skin care for its detoxification properties and can be used in soaps, poultices, baths, wraps, masks, and as a general detoxifier.

Usage Guidelines

Voyageur Soap and Candle Company is one of Canada's premier sources for wholesale natural soap colourants, including Activated Charcoal which can be used in poultices, wraps, soaps, masks, or as a general detoxifier.

Technical Information

Particle Diameter of 7 micronspH of 7-9Steam Activate

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