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Back to Basics - Creating Anhydrous Products E-Book

Back to Basics - Creating Anhydrous Products E-Book

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This fabulous e-book by well known Swift Crafty Monkey blogger and non-profit educator Susan Barclay Nichols, is all about making anhydrous products, those made without water. This 122 page e-book includes over 50 recipes and explanations for making lotion bars, whipped butters, balms, oil based scrubs, bath melts, bath oils, oil based sprays, solid scrubs, and facial serums, etc. In addition to all the recipes, Susan also includes a huge amount of ingredient information such as the chemistry of oils including fatty acids, mechanisms of rancidity, phytosterols, and polyphenols. Because anhydrous products don't contain water, an (antimicrobial/anti-fungal) preservative is often not needed (although you'll want an antioxidant, such as Vitamin E, to protect against rancidity). This makes them ideal starting formulations for the novice formulator!

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Sections in this book include:Introduction to Formulating Anhydrous ProductsWhat you'll need to make Anhydrous ProductsWhipped ButtersSome Ideas for making other Whipped ButtersRancidity: A primerMechanisms of RancidityAntioxidants and our OilsLotion BarsBalmsAn Aside of Using Essential OilsOil Based ScrubsSolid Bath MeltsBath OilsOil Based Body MoisturizersEsters - Isopropyl MyristateOil Based Fragrance SprayNotes on Comedogenicity, Acne & Sensitive SkinSolid Scrub BarsFatty Acids & AlcoholsEmulsifiersPlus an extensive appendix with additional ingredient and technical information

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by Susan Barclay Nicholse-book (PDF, 1.13 MB)123 pages

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