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Bladderwrack C/S (Seaweed)

Bladderwrack C/S (Seaweed)

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When used in soap making, Bladderwrack renders a gray-green finished product. You can mix the powder into the lye water to create even color distribution, or sprinkle it into the soap mixture when at a light trace to create a speckled effect.

Usage Guidelines

Technical Information

  • Botanical Name: Fucus Vesiculosus
  • INCI:
  • Origin: Canada
  • Plant Part Used: Entire plant (cut and sifted)
  • Approx. Cups/ Lb: 3
  • Active Compounds: Phenolic compounds;, Phloroglucinol, Mucopolysaccharides, Sulphuryl-, sulphonyl- and phosphonyl-glycosyl ester diglycerides, Polar lipids, Trace metals, including iodine and bromine compounds of sodium and potassium.

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