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bottle sealing wax burgundy

Bottle Sealing Wax - Burgundy

Bottle Sealing Wax provides a decorative and functional seal over your glass bottle or jar closure, giving your products added style and professional look.  Developed to seal many styles of glass containers with lids, such as perfumes, reed diffuser bottles, oils, wine, liquor, syrups, and more. This wax provides a strong, flexible coating that opens easily without cracking or crumbling, provides a tamper evident seal and helps provide an additional level of security against potential air and moisture exposure to your product.  Our Bottle Sealing Wax is available in an easy to use pastille format, comes in a  wide range of colours, and can even be embossed to give your products a professional look that is unique to your brand!

Benefits of Bottle Sealing Wax

  • Provides a strong, flexible coating
  • Wax opens easily without cracking or crumbling
  • Protects against air and moisture that can cause spoilage to bottle contents
  • Many colour options
  • Wax can be embossed

Product Details

  • Name: Bottle Sealing Wax
  • Manufacturer: Blended Waxes Inc.
  • Drop Melt Point: 159°F - 180°F
  • Congealing Point: 160°F - 180°F
  • Manufacturers Recommended Dipping Temperature: 225°F - 275°F (Do not heat past 300°F). Check your thermometer frequently during the dipping process to ensure the wax remains at the proper temperature.
  • Packaging Format: Pastilles
  • Wax Finish: Burgundy, Opaque

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