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Calendula Petals

Calendula Petals

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Infuse the Calendula petals in oil to add to lotions, massage products, lip balms, and ointments. Calendula retains its colour in cold process soap making, and works well in melt and pour soap, especially in the clear variety, as the released colour is quite attractive. The yellow petals also make a lovely addition to bath bombs or melts.

Usage Guidelines

Wholesale dried Calendula petals can be used in making soap, bath bombs, herbal bath blends, potpourri, and more.

Technical Information

  • Botanical Name: Calendula officinalis
  • INCI:
  • Origin: Egypt
  • Plant Part Used: Flower
  • Approx. Cups/ Lb: 44
  • Active Compounds: Sterols, Mucilage, Carotenes, Glycosides, Resins, Triterpenes, Flavonoids

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Customer Reviews

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A must-have!

This is a wonderful plant, and when from Voyageur, it’s even better! I use this calendula in my hands’ salve and burn salve. It has never failed! I get great reviews from my customers, and I myself have had times when I was glad I had it! Overall, I would give all of Voyageurs products a five-star, keep going Voyageur!