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Champagne Fragrance Oil

Champagne Fragrance Oil

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Get ready to celebrate with the amazing Champagne Fragrance Oil! When you smell this wonderful aroma you will swear the bubbles are tickling your nose. Perfect for products around the holidays, big occasions or any time you want to celebrate.

Usage Guidelines

Product Details:

  • Champagne Fragrance Oil
  • Champagne Fragrant Oil
  • This Fragrance Oil is Paraben and Phthalate Free

Fragrance Oil Notes:

  • Top Notes: N/A
  • Middle/Heart Notes: N/A
  • Base Notes: N/A

Common Uses For Fragrance Oils Include:

  • Melt & Pour Soap
  • Cold Process Soap
  • Glycerin Soap
  • Candle
  • Bath Bombs
  • Bath Products
  • Skin Care Products
  • Hair Care Products
  • Home Cleaning Products
  • Incense
  • Potpourri

Technical Information

Technical Information:

  • INCI: Fragrance (Parfum)
  • Flashpoint: 69°C / 156.2°F
  • Specific Gravity: 0.867 - 0.907
  • Refractive Index: 1.4440 - 1.4490
  • Vanillin Content: 0%

 Fragrance Oil Notes:

  • Top: Sparkling Champagne, Tropical Mandarin, Kiwi Fruit, Grapefruit
  • Middle: Apple Blossoms, Orange Flower
  • Base: Cedar, Amber, Nettle


Behaviour in Cold Process Soap:


  • Consistency Change - None
  • Colour Change - None
  • Additional Notes - Soap was very soft and required a few extra days of curing before removing from the mold.
  • In Cold Process Soap we recommend using fragrances at a lower soap making temperature, approximately 110°F, and adding the fragrance at a light trace. We test our fragrance oils using a soap formula that does not trace quickly at a soap making temperature of 110°F. As soap formulas can vary, we recommend customers do their own small test batch to ensure the fragrance performs well in their own formula.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Julie Amodeo
scent of apples

We use this in our candles and label it Sparkling Apple Cider.. people love it !


Je ne pourrais pas dire que ça sent effectivement le champagne. Cependant, je le vends mes savons en men tisonnant Champagne comme senteur sur l'emballage et mes clients adorent. Même si ça ne sent pas le champagne, ça sent quand même très bon. Pas d'accélérations, pas de décoloration.


Out of the bottle it smelled like soap, so I tested it in a candle and it smelled the same. No one, I asked to smell the candle, could tell me it was Champagne. I was hoping for a non-soapy smelling Champagne fragrance, but this missed the mark. It's still a nice fragrance, just not Champagne!

Very nice

Smells sweet, even a slight hint of that alcohol smell. Wide appeal. Used in CP, no noticeable acceleration in trace.

Tori with Fern & Flower Soapworks
Sweet, Bubbly Fragrance with Some Ricing

Both OOB and in CP soap, this fragrance smells wonderful. Even without knowing it is champagne, overall, the reviews I have gotten concerning the fragrance have been overwhelmingly positive. This fragrance is sweet and effervescent, smelling a bit like perfume, but not in the powdery scent-ce ( :D )

In the two batches I tried with this fragrance oil in CP soap (2 different recipes), it did cause slight ricing and very slight acceleration. I soaped at 120 degrees F, and experienced ricing about 2-3 minutes after adding the fragrance oil. My advice would be to add this fragrance last, and to give colours another stir with the spatula before starting your swirls. It should be noted that the ricing was extremely minimal, and can be managed effectively with proper planning.