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Fragrance Paddle Testers - 100 pack

Fragrance Paddle Testers - 100 pack

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We love our Fragrance Paddle Testers as they are a great way to test the scent of your products while doing fragrance or essential oil blending, perfumery, sending samples to customers, or when you're looking for your next favourite aroma. These fragrance blotter sticks come in packs of 100 making them perfect for personal or retail use.

Note: Due to supply chain issues, our current stock is a shorter version of the one shown in photo.

Usage Guidelines

Product Details

  • Fragrance Paddle Tester
  • Fragrance Blotter Sticks
  • Scent Tester
  • Measurements: 5 Inches Long x 0.5 inches Wide
  • Made from 230gsm Paper
  • Comes in Packs of 100
  • Easy to use, as you simply dip the tester into the fragrance. If you smell the tester immediately you will predominantly smell the top notes, while if you let the fragrance dry, you will get a more well rounded aroma

Perfect for a Variety of Uses:

  • Essential Oil Blending
  • Fragrance Oil Blending
  • Perfumery
  • Product Samples
  • Testing Scents

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