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Hair Care Products - Shampoos & Conditioners E-Book

Hair Care Products - Shampoos & Conditioners E-Book

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This fabulous e-book by well known Swift Crafty Monkey blogger and non-profit educator Susan Barclay Nichols, is all about making your own shampoos and hair conditioners. This huge 194 page e-book includes more recipes than we could count as well as information about the chemistry of our hair, surfactants, cationic ingredients, and every other ingredient you'll find in our hair care products! This E-Book makes an ideal resource for anyone interested in making professional quality hair care products!

Usage Guidelines

Sections in this book include: Chemistry of Hair Surfactants Humectants and Moisturizers Viscosity Enhancers Cationic Polymers Silicones Silicone Replacements Hydrolyzed Proteins Extracts and Hydrosols Preservatives Formulations for Shampoos Formulations for Conditioners Formulations for Cream Rinses and Detanglers

Technical Information

by Susan Barclay Nicholse-book (PDF, 1.39 MB)194 pages

Documentation & Resources

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