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Himalayan Pink Salt - Fine Grain

Himalayan Pink Salt - Fine Grain

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Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is harvested from deep within the Himalayan mountain range, is naturally rich in minerals, and carries a pale pink coloration. Some granules may be much lighter in color than others, offering a blended mixture of light pink salt with brighter granules mixed throughout.

Pink Himalayan sea salt is all-natural and sought after for personal-care and cosmetic formulations. This is an ideal ingredient for body and facial scrubs, exfoliating topical products, and for spas and therapeutic applications.

Grain size for this product is 0.2mm - 0.8mm

Nov 14th, 2022 New supplier.  Slight difference in colour and grain size from previous supply may be noticed.

Usage Guidelines

Therapeutic Himalayan Pink Salts have a high natural mineral content that imparts a relaxed feeling, nourishes the skin, eases rheumatic discomfort and helps in the treatment of Psoriasis and other skin disorders. Contains over 80 minerals

Technical Information

INCI: Depending on Country - Maris Sal or Sodium ChlorideGrain Type: FineTechnical Grain Size: 0.2 - .08mmAll NaturalCountry of Origin: Pakistan

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