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A time-honored soap ingredient with a history spanning centuries, lard continues to find its place in contemporary soap crafting alongside other nourishing oils. In the realm of cold process soap making, soaps derived from lard are recognized for providing hardness and a creamy lather to bars and for their gradual tracing, affording artisans extended working periods with their soap blend. This characteristic proves particularly advantageous in the execution of advanced soap making techniques.

It's important to note that some people may choose not to use lard due to personal or ethical reasons, as it is an animal-derived product. In such cases, there are various plant-based alternatives available.

The lard we sell is a refined, deodorized baking lard supplied by a Canadian food oil provider. As is typical for products in the food industry, it includes commonly used food preservatives.

Usage Guidelines

Using lard in cold process soap making offers several benefits:

Slow Tracing: Lard causes the soap mixture to trace slowly, meaning it takes longer to thicken. This allows soap makers more time to work with the blend, which is beneficial for intricate designs or advanced techniques.

Creamy Lather: Lard contributes to a creamy and stable lather in soap. This enhances the overall cleansing experience and can provide a luxurious feel to the soap.

Moisturizing Properties: While lard is not as moisturizing as some other oils, it still adds a level of conditioning to the soap. When combined with more moisturizing oils, it helps create a well-balanced soap that cleanses without drying the skin.

Hardness: Lard contributes to the hardness of the soap bar. A harder soap bar tends to last longer and withstands moisture better, leading to a more durable product.

Historical Significance: For those interested in traditional or historical soap making, lard has been a staple ingredient for centuries. Using lard in soap making can be a nod to traditional methods and recipes.

Cost-Effective: Lard is often more cost-effective than some specialty oils, making it an economical choice for soap makers, especially when crafting large batches.

Technical Information

Ingredients: Lard, BHA, BHT, Citric Acid

Shelf Life: up to 2 years

SAP: 197.5

Country of Origin: Canada

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