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Liquid Candle Dye - Wedgewood

Liquid Candle Dye - Wedgewood

These high-quality, highly-concentrated, easy to use liquid candle dyes are a great option for making candles with a wide array of beautiful, vibrant colours to choose from. The Liquid Candle Dyes are highly soluble, virtually free of insoluble matter, leave no dusting, and can even be mixed to create new unique shades with ease!


Usage Recommendations:

  • In small batches, 6-8 drops of dye per/pound of wax will generally achieve a medium shade, but we highly recommend doing your own testing as results may vary.
  • For best accuracy and colour consistency, especially with larger batch sizes, measuring liquid candle dye by weight is recommended.
  • The recommended temperature for manufacturing with our liquid dyes is under 180°F / 85°C. Working at higher temperatures or prolonged exposure to heat can degrade the colours, causing fading or colour alteration to appear.
  • A UV inhibitor is recommended for all colour applications.
  • Shake before use.

Technical Specifications:

  • Highly concentrated
  • No dusting
  • Easy-to-use liquids
  • Easily mixed to create new shades
  • Virtually free of insoluble matter

Technical Documents:

Safety Data Sheet

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