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Lotion Making 101 E-Book

Lotion Making 101 E-Book

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This incredibly detailed e-book by well known Swift Crafty Monkey blogger and non-profit educator Susan Barclay Nichols, is an incredible resource to learn everything you need to know about making your own creams and lotions. This e-book is 305 pages and includes all you'll need to know about the basics of lotion making, chemistry of lotions, all the ingredients used, information on anti-oxidants and preservatives, and a ton of recipes for lotions, body lotions, body butters, light lotions, moisturizers, shaving lotions and more. This is a must have for both the novice and experienced formulators! In addition to this e-book you also receive Susan's Butter Comparison Chart, Carrier Oil Comparison Chart, Exotic Oil Comparison Chart and Preservative Chart, which are great ingredient resources!

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by Susan Barclay Nicholse-book (PDF, 2.3 MB)305 pages

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