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Madder Root Powder

Madder Root Powder

Madder root powder is frequently used in soapmaking to lend a pink/reddish/burgandy colour to soap. It can be added directly into the soap mixture at trace to produce a lighter, sometimes speckled colour, or it can be infused in oil and strained, then used in the soap recipe to produce deeper, more saturated colours.

Voyageur Soap & Candle carries a wide variety of natural botanicals used to colour cold process, rebatch, or melt and pour soap including Madder Root powder.

Latin: Rubia tinctorum
Origin: India
Plant Part Used: Root
Approx. Cups/ Lb: 4.5
Active Compounds: Indoid, Calcium, Resin, Ruberythric acid, Purpurin, Alizarin

Technical Documents:

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