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Natural Liquid Laundry Soap - Unscented

Natural Liquid Laundry Soap - Unscented

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Our Voyageur Natural Liquid Laundry Soap is free of any chemicals, scents, or dyes, making it a perfect laundry soap for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Easy to use, in all machines, it requires as little as 1/4 cup per load. Great for the Environment while getting your clothes just as clean as traditional synthetic detergents

Usage Guidelines

Voyageur has laundry soap bases, cosmetic bases, and cleanser bases, and liquid soap ready to use at home or for re-sale.

Made naturally with saponified oils of Olive and Castor together with Washing Soda and Borax to create an eco friendly and skin friendly laundry detergent.Suitable for both High Efficiency and Standard washing machines.

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