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Palm Oil RBD - Organic

Palm Oil RBD - Organic

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Deodorized and light yellow in colour, our RBD palm oil makes a hard bar of soap which cleans well and saponifies easily. One of the most dominant soap oils, it helps liquid oils to come to trace quicker and makes a beautiful, long lasting bar soap. Palm oil is a very good skin care oil and is very high in fatty acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and magnesium. 

*Due to our concerns that the production of Palm Oil by some manufacturers is causing damage to the environment and those that live among it, we at Voyageur are committed to only carry Palm Oil that is only from a Certified Sustainable source, which must meet strict standards to ensure it is being produced in a way that is healthy to the environment.

Usage Guidelines

Palm oil is cold expeller pressed and refined to remove odour and lighten the colour of the oil.Although it is not necessary, this oil can be melted down and stirred before use to ensure all of the fatty acids are evenly distributed as they can separate to the top of the oil while it solidifies.

Technical Information

INCI: Elaeis guineensis (Palm) OilCAS # 8002-75-3SAP Value: Shelf Life: 24 monthsSpecific Gravity: 0.88 - 0.952Flash Point: 162°CCountry of Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Thailand

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