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Peppermint Japanese Essential Oil

Peppermint Japanese Essential Oil

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Embrace the invigorating essence of Japanese Peppermint Essential Oil, a clear to yellow or green liquid boasting a strong, sharp, fresh minty aroma. Extracted from the leaves of the peppermint plant through steam distillation, this oil is frequently utilized in aromatherapy, body care products, hair care, and the art of cold process and melt and pour soap making. With serrated, fuzzy leaves, the peppermint herb contributes to the creation of this aromatic gem.

Usage Guidelines

  • Common Uses: Widely incorporated into aromatherapy, body care products, candles, hair care, and soap making.
  • Directions: In aromatherapy, add a few drops to the diffuser. For soap making, include approximately 1-3% of the total weight during the cold process or melt and pour phases. In candle making, adhere to fragrance load guidelines. Always consult specific guidelines for each essential oil and product type, considering variations in usage rates, compatibility, and potential reactions.
  • Blends Well With: Eucalyptus, lemon, rosemary, lavender, benzoin, grapefruit, geranium, and cypress.
  • Precautions: Japanese Peppermint Essential Oil is a concentrated essence from plants and should be diluted before application to the skin to avoid irritation. Internal use is not recommended. Consult with a doctor or certified aromatherapist if you have health concerns.

Technical Information

  • Also Known As: Japanese Mentha Arvensis
  • Botanical Name: Mentha arvensis
  • INCI: Mentha piperita (Leaf) Oil
  • Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
  • Plant Part: Leaves
  • Origin: India
  • Aroma: Strong, sharp, fresh minty
  • Aromatic Strength: Strong
  • Aromatic Note: Top
  • Consistency: Ranges from a pale yellow to greenish-olive liquid
  • Color: Clear to yellow or green
  • Flash Point: 67 °C

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