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Perfumers Alcohol SD40-B 200 PROOF

Perfumers Alcohol SD40-B 200 PROOF

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Odourless Pure Alcohol for Perfumes, Body Sprays and Room Sprays

Perfumers Alcohol SD40-B is 100% Natural Ethanol (200 Proof) and is the universal carrier solvent used in manufacturing perfumes and fine fragrance concentrates.  Odourless, it is 100% Ethanol (200 Proof) so is completely miscible with water and is the best for solubilizing essential oils and fragrance compounds for making Perfume, Eau de Perfume, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, Body Sprays, Body Mists, Toners as well as Room Sprays and Linen Waters.  SD40-B 200 Proof Alcohol has been denatured with Bitrex, which is odourless but makes it undrinkable.

Note: To Avoid Dangerous Good Shipping Charges 4 Litre Size is shipped as 4 x 1L Bottles and 16 Litre Size is shipped as 16 x 1L Bottles.  Due to its dangerous goods classification, we only ship Perfumers Alcohol within North America and by UPS Standard or Fedex Ground Courier.  

Usage Guidelines

Product Details

  • Perfumers Alcohol SD40-B 200 Proof
  • 100% Pure
  • Clear, odourless liquid that has been Denatured with odourless Bitrex to make in not drinkable
  • Bulk 4 Litre Size is Shipped as 4 x 1L Bottles and 16 Litre Size Shipped as 16 x 1L Bottles to Avoid Dangerous Goods Shipping Upcharges.

Has Many Different Uses

  • Perfumes
  • Toilet Waters
  • Colognes
  • Toners
  • Body Sprays and Mists
  • Hair Styling Products and Scalp Preparations
  • Body Deodorants
  • Household Disinfectants
  • Household Room Sprays
  • Household Linen Sprays
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides

Technical Information

INCI: Alcohol Denat.

Product: SD40-B 200 Proof Alcohol

Also Known As: Perfumers Alcohol


Technical Documents:

Safety Data Sheet

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