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Pine Rosin Chunks

Pine Rosin Chunks

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Our Pine Rosin is a superior quality, renewable source product, obtained from the distillation of sap collected from live pinus trees.  Also known as Pine Resin or Rosin Gum or Rosin Resin, this 100% pure pine rosin provides the tackiness or "cling" when used in making natural beeswax food wraps.

Usage Guidelines

Product Details: 

  • Pine Rosin Gum
  • Small Chunks with some powder
  • Renewable Source Product
  • Safe for use in Natural Food Wraps and Packaging
  • Country of Origin: Brazil

Beeswax Food Wrap Formula 

Combine ingredients into a double boiler and heat on the stove until melted and blended together.  Place your piece of cotton fabric on a parchment lined cookie sheet.   Brush mixture onto the piece of cotton fabric until saturated, and then cover with another piece of parchment paper.  With an iron on cotton/linen setting, run the iron over the saturated cotton until mixture once again is melted and smooth.  Remove parchment paper and using clothes pegs or clips, hang to dry.  The mixture will be very tacky when still warm so wait until fully cooled to handle.   Leftover mixture can be stored in a container for re-melting and use at a later date.

This formula is a guideline.  We recommend starting with a small batch first to test your formula with your chosen fabric, as different fabrics and ingredients can affect results.  Pine Rosin will provide the tackiness to the product, so increase or decrease until desired level of “cling” is achieved.

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