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BTMS-25 Conditioning Emulsifier

BTMS-25 Conditioning Emulsifier

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BTMS-25 is composed of vegetable derived and RSPO certified Cetearyl Alcohol and Behentrimonium Methosulfate with 25% actives. This compound serves as a versatile conditioning agent and emulsifier widely employed in hair and skincare formulations.

The combination of Cetearyl Alcohol and Behentrimonium Methosulfate within BTMS-25 elicits a synergistic effect, amplifying conditioning properties while simplifying the emulsification process in formulations. This blend not only facilitates stable emulsions but also bestows an excellent skin feel in skincare products, while in hair care, it offers effective conditioning, anti-frizz benefits, and detangling properties.

It proves to be an exceptional ingredient for a wide range of products such as hair conditioners, creams, lotions, scrubs, and conditioner bars, enriching formulations with its versatile conditioning and emulsifying prowess.

Supplier Change as of January 1st, 2024: BTMS-25 is the new replacement and equivalent ingredient to the previously sold Rita BTMS-225

Usage Guidelines

The recommended usage percentage of BTMS-25 can vary depending on the specific formulation and the desired characteristics of the product being created. However, as a general guideline:

  • In hair care products like conditioners and hair masks, BTMS-25 is commonly used at concentrations ranging from 1% to 10%. Lower concentrations may suffice for lighter conditioning, while higher concentrations may be used for more intensive conditioning or in thicker formulations.

  • For skincare products such as lotions or creams, BTMS-25 is often used at concentrations between 1% to 5%, providing emulsification and conditioning properties without feeling overly heavy on the skin.

It's recommended to conduct small-scale tests and formulations to determine the ideal percentage for your specific product, considering factors like the desired texture, conditioning effects, compatibility with other ingredients, and the your desired preferences.

Technical Information

INCI: Cetearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Methosulfate

Actives: 24% - 26%

pH (1% dispersion): 6.0 - 7.0


RSPO Certified

Apperance: White to Off White Pastilles

Country of Origin: USA

Ingredient Profile:

Cetearyl Alcohol, a combination of cetyl and stearyl alcohols derived from natural RSPO certified vegetable oils, functions as a fatty alcohol emollient and emulsion stabilizer in personal care products. Its integration into BTMS-25 enhances formulation consistency, stability, and texture, resulting in a smooth, creamy feel across various applications.

Behentrimonium Methosulfate, despite its 'sulfate' label, stands as a gentle conditioning agent, distinct from harsh sulfates found in some commercial cleansing agents. This quaternary ammonium salt is commonly derived from natural sources such as Colza, known as Rapeseed Oil. It excels in hair care by providing highly effective conditioning, anti-frizz properties, and superior detangling without residue buildup. In skincare, it contributes to producing creams and lotions that offer a silky, skin-softening sensation.

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BTMS never fails!

Love using BTMS-225 because it never fails. Leaves my kinky, coily Type4 Hair soft, detangle and nourish every time. Will continue buying as long as Voyageur sells this amazing ingredient. Thanks Voyageur!