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Round Metal Candle Mold 3 x 9.5"

Round Metal Candle Mold 3 x 9.5"

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This round, one piece, seamless candle mold is made of durable 0.04" thick aluminum and will help you make beautiful, professional looking pillar candles time and time again. Mold has a wick hold at the bottom of the mold so when wick is threaded up through the bottom of the mold and attached to a rod or dowel across the opening with the wick hole blocked with a rubber plug or small screw, the bottom of the mold will become the top of the candle once made and released from the mold.

Usage Guidelines

Technical Information

  • Capacity: 950 grams
  • Diameter: 3"
  • Height: 9.5"
  • Material: 0.04" thick Aluminum
  • Burn Time: 90 hours (when made with EcoSoya PB Pillar Blend Wax)
  • Wick hole at bottom of mold

Suggested Wicking:

Note: Suggested wick size is only given as a recommendation based on our testing of making the pillar candle without colour or fragrance. Many factors can affect the burn of a candle, including type of wax used, colour, fragrance, essential oil etc. It is always important to leave a candle for 24 hours after being made before burning. We strongly advise making a single test candle with your chosen wick and additives before going ahead with making several, to ensure the correct wick is being used for optimal burn.

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