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Soap Detailing Tool

Soap Detailing Tool

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Our Soap Detailing Tool is a great way to achieve high-quality, detailed soaps. Most frequently used for Melt and Pour soaps, the two sides of this tool will allow you to clean up and shave away over-pours in your soap mold, while also allowing you to create detailed carvings on the surface of the soap. This tool can also be used to create wonderful colour variation when using different coloured melt and pour soap bases.

Usage Guidelines

Product Details:

  • Soap Detailing Tool
  • Soap Clean Up Tool
  • Features a comfortable wooden handle for ease of grip
  • Features two different metal ends with a curved scoop and pick tool
  • This tool allows you to easily clean up and shave away excess over-pours in your soap molds
  • This tool is the easiest way to create highly detailed, precise carvings on soap bars
  • This tool is a great way to create colour variation in soap bars
  • Commonly used with melt & pour soap

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Customer Reviews

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Useful in so many ways!!

When I first started making soap I bought this not even really knowing what I would use it for. It has been so incredibly helpful for so many different things with my soaps over the years. Every soaper should have this tool on hand.