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Soap Injector

Soap Injector

This precision Soap Injector Tool is a must-have for making DIY Melt and Pour Soap! With this Injector Soap Tool, you simply need to melt your soap base, suck some of the base into the injector shaft, and then gently squirt it into your soap mold into detailed areas or hard-to reach places. This injector tool has a 10 ml capacity.

Product Details:

  • Soap Injector
  • Injector Soap Tool
  • A Must have tool for making handmade DIY Melt & Pour Soap
  • The easiest way to pipe small, fine details into your melt & pour soap
  • This injector has a 10 ml capacity

How to Use:

  • To begin melt some of your melt & pour soap base, adding any colourant if required
  • Take the injector tool and suck some of the colourant into the injector shaft
  • Use the tool to gently squirt the soap into the detailer or hard to reach places of your soap mold

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