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Ultramarine Purple

Ultramarine Purple

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Creates a delicate lilac colour in cold process soap, eye shadow and other cosmetics including nail polish , and other bath and body care products. Use with  a bit of our Ultramarine Blue to create a beautiful deep and delicious purple.

Usage Guidelines

Ultramarine Purple is used to create beautiful shades of purple in Cold Process and Melt & Pour soap as well as in cosmetics such as nail polish, eyeshadow and blushes.

Technical Information

INCI: 77007

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Customer Reviews

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Discoloured With Fragrance

The colour looks great and it disperses well, but it turned beige in my CP soap once I added the “Grape Soda” fragrance. I expected some of the colour to return once the soap cured but unfortunately my to-be-grape-coloured soap was beige. Without the fragrance, the colour behaved well on its own so beware of potential colour morphing when adding fragrance!

lovely lilac

Responding to a remark below about first appearing muddy: If your melted soap base is yellowish, then adding purple, yellow's complement on the colour wheel, will make the soap look muddy, at first. But if your base hardens to white on its own, by adding this pigment, it will come out as a very nice mauve.
This pigment mixes in well, stays in suspension, and gives consistently good results.

Nice deep colour

Love purple! The ultramarine purple mixes well with other colours. I love mixing it with blue mica for a deep, beautiful purple that doesn't fade in my MP soap. Thanks Voyageur.


It looked very muddy when I first mixed it into my CP soap batter, but it morphed into a nice lilac in the finished product. Not quite as vibrant as I'd hoped, but the colour is fine on its own and it will be a great base to mix with other colourants.

Very nice

I mix 1/2 tsp of this colourant with a touch of oil and then add it to about 1 cup of soap mixture, which results in a nice lilac colour (as described), in a layer of the finished product.