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Vanilla (High Vanilline) Oil

Vanilla (High Vanilline) Oil

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Delight your senses with the indulgent allure of High Vanilline Vanilla Oil. This exquisite essential oil boasts a rich, sweet, and creamy vanilla scent with delicate floral undertones. Revered for its opulence, this Vanilla Oil is a timeless aromatic treasure. Extracted through the ancient enfleurage technique, it captures the essence of the Perennial Vanilla Vine, a plant adorned with green stems and large white flowers, ultimately yielding green fruits that transform into the fragrant brown vanilla pods through meticulous fermentation and curing. With a remarkable 15% vanilline content, this oil stands out, making it a favorite for aromatherapy and fine toiletries. 

Usage Guidelines

  • Common Uses: Commonly embraced in aromatherapy, body care products and hair care routines.
  • Directions: Add a few drops to your diffuser in aromatherapy. For soap making, incorporate 1-3% of the total weight during the cold process or melt and pour phases. Follow specific guidelines for each product type, considering variations in usage rates, compatibility, and potential reactions.
  • Blends Well With: Elevate your aromatic experience by blending with sandalwood, vetiver, bergamot, grapefruit, geranium, lavender, ylang-ylang, and jasmine.
  • Precautions: Not suitable for Anhydrous (oil-based) products or Candle Making; Soluble in Alcohol and Water. Essential oils are concentrated essences and should be diluted before skin application to avoid irritation. Internal use is not recommended. Consult with a healthcare professional or certified aromatherapist if you have health concerns.

Technical Information

  • Also Known As: Enfleurage Vanilla Elixir
  • Botanical Name: Vanilla planifolia
  • INCI: Vanilla planifolia (Fruit) Oil 
  • Plant Part: Fruit
  • Origin: India
  • Aroma: Rich, sweet, creamy vanilla with slight floral notes
  • Aromatic Strength: Strong
  • Aromatic Note: Base
  • Color: Pale clear to light brown liquid
  • Extraction Method: Enfleurage - An ancient technique involving the absorption of aromatic oils by fats. It works on the simple principle that fats dissolve essential oils and thereby absorb their aromas. The vanilla bean is soaked in purified fats to absorb the aromatic oils and then soaked in alcohol. The aromatic oils migrate to the alcohol, which is then separated from the fat, and then the alcohol is evaporated leaving only the aromatic oil.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gina Harlock
wonderful all purpose vanilla

I use this in alot of products including soaps, bath bombs, lotions etc. I cannot speak to whether it accelerates trace in soap, because I've always mixed it with other things that accelerate trace and soaped accordingly, low temps, simple designs. It's a staple in my cupboard and ago to when I want a REAL authentic vanilla scent.

Unexpected curdling

I wanted to use this essential oil instead of the synthetic fragrance oils for a vanilla-scented cold-process soap. The smell is wonderful, but upon adding it to the batch at trace the whole thing curdled, and trace was accelerated such that it no longer would pour into molds. I am wondering if anyone else has had similar issues. I have used this essential oil before, but not on it’s own; I have always mixed it with other fragrances. This is the first time I have used it exclusively for fragrance in a batch of soap.

Great vanilla for soap!

The other review on here is inaccurate and probably written after smelling the product straight in the bottle. You always need to try it in a product before you judge the scent. This works beautifully in cold process soap and produces a very lovely vanilla scent. I made a coffee vanilla soap and it was just perfect. It did not accelerate trace either. Since the soap was a base of coffee I was not concerned about the color change that happens when using vanilla.