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Solid Lip Gloss Recipe

Solid Lip Gloss Recipe

Makes 200 grams

Most commercial lip glosses contain petroleum-based ingredients which may not be the ideal thing you want to be putting on your mouth.

Making your own lip gloss means you can use great natural oils and butters that not only provide the lovely looking gloss you want, but will actually moisturize your lips and help to prevent and repair damage.

This recipe can also be customized with food-grade flavouring, or micas to add colour and shimmer.

10%     Beeswax                                20 grams    
 4%      Shea Butter                             8 grams    
25%     Sunflower Oil                         50 grams
25%     Almond Oil Sweet                  50 grams    
25%     Castor Oil                               50 grams    
10%     Coconut Oil Fractionated       20 grams            
1%        Vitamin E                                 2 grams            
Add Micas to give colour and sheen
Add Flavour to taste

The oils we use in this recipe are chosen for their extensive skin care benefits. Other oils can be substituted if desired. 

1. Melt the beeswax and shea butter slowly over low-medium heat in a double boiler or in the microwave until melted.

2. Add the oils and vitamin E and stir well.

3. When melted add micas until desired level of colour is achieved.

4. Add flavouring to desired level of taste.

5. Pour into containers while still in a semi-viscous state.

6. Allow to cool in containers, stir in container once cool to ensure micas are well mixed and then cap.

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November 07, 2011