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Mango Cuticle Balm Recipe

Mango Cuticle Balm Recipe

Makes 200 grams

Cuticle Balms are a hot item on the market. They are firm but moisturizing and help heal hang nails, cracked cuticles, and can even be used on calluses and dry knuckles. Formulated with ultra-moisturizing Mango Butter, it is a stiff balm but melts upon contact with the skin. It provides lots of lubricity and stays on the skin to form a protective barrier, simply apply to nails and cuticles and massage gently. 
Part A
16%     Stearic Acid                  32 grams
21%     Beeswax                      42 grams
20%     Mango Butter               40 grams
32%     Coconut Oil 76              64 grams
10%     Apricot Kernel Oil          20 grams

Part B
1%   Vitamin E MTS-50              2 grams

1. Measure out all the ingredients of Part A into a measuring cup.
2. Heat in a double boiler or microwave until all solids are melted, then allow to cool down slightly.
3. Once the product has cooled down somewhat but has not yet started to set up on the sides or surface, add ingredients of Part B and stir continuously to combine.
4. Add 1/2 teaspoon of the Nail and Cuticle essential oil blend, then pour into Slimline Lip Tubes.

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July 15, 2013