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Common Soap Ingredients & Saponification Values

Common Soap Making Ingredients
& Saponification Values

Saponification value of sweet almond oil - 192.3
Almond oil has excellent penetrating properties and is beneficial to all skin types. It is particularly good for dry, sensitive skin and can help relieve redness, itchiness, and swelling.
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Saponification value of apricot kernel oil – 190.0
Light and odourless, apricot kernel oil is widely used in massage, skin, bath and soap products. A quick penetrating, nourishing oil, that is good for dry, sensitive, and mature skin.
>> Wholesale Apricot Kernel Oil

Saponification value of avocado oil – 187.5
Rich in Vitamins A, D, E, proteins and fatty acids. Avocado oil is great for all skin types - especially dry, mature skin. A quick penetrating oil that is popular in premium massage, soaps, bath, and skin care products.
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Saponification value of beeswax – 88.0 – 100.0
A cleaned & filtered natural beeswax which has not been bleached or treated. A natural emulsifier and texturizer in lotions, soaps and salves.
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Saponification value of beef tallow – 197.0
Tallow has been a dominant soap making fat for centuries, it makes a nice white bar with good lacy lather. Economical, tallow is widely used in commercial soap making. Our tallow is white and deodorized.
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Saponification value of borage oil – 188.0
Borage is a renowned skin care oil. Contains a high content of linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid. Eases inflammation and treats dry skin, scaly skin, psoriasis and dandruff. Great for aging skin. A great choice for superfatting soap.
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Saponification value of calendula oil – 190.0
A renowned skin care oil. Regenerative and anti-inflammatory, calendula oil is an effective treatment for burnt, irritated, and inflamed skin. Helps to soften and soothe dry, chapped skin. Very effective on aging skin and great choice for superfatting soap.
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Saponification value of canola oil – 174.7
An economical soap oil, canola shortening is a high-oleic oil which helps to make a white bar of soap with moisturizing qualities. Low in saturated fats, so use with other higher fat oils. Food Grade.
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Saponification value of castor oil – 180.3
A humectant, castor oil acts like glycerin to draw moisture into the skin. A primary ingredient in lip balms and lipsticks, transparent soap, bar soaps, and skin care products. Not for internal consumption.
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Cold Pressed from the meat of the coconut, coconut oil gives cold process soap rich lather and skin feel. One of the dominant oils in modern soap making, it is found in most quality soaps. Will solidify below 76 F.
Saponification value of coconut oil 76 – 268.0
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Saponification value of cocoa butter – 193.8
A very hard saturated fat pressed from cocoa beans. Cocoa butter lays a protective layer on top of skin which holds in moisture while softening and lubricating skin. Great for bath, body, or soap products.
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Saponification value of evening primrose oil – 191.0
Best known of the gamma-linolenic acid skin care oils. Contains high content of linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Eases inflammation and treats dry skin, scaly skin, psoriasis and dandruff. A great choice for super fatting soaps.
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Saponification value of grapeseed oil – 171.0 – 191.0
Grapeseed Oil is light, odourless and easily absorbed into the skin. This makes it a popular choice as an essential oil carrier in massage and bath oil blends. Grapeseed Oil is good for all skin types and also gets used in the making of Cold Process Soaps.
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Saponification value of hazelnut oil – 195.0
One of the most highly unsaturated vegetable oils, hazelnut oil is absorbed easily into the skin. It is a great moisturizer, making it ideal in cosmetics, lip balms, massage melts, lotions, creams and cold process soaps.
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Saponification value of hemp seed oil – 192.8
Well recognized for its ability to cleanse & nourish the skin, hemp seed oil is quickly gaining popularity as a skin care oil in North America. Rich in Essential Fatty Acids & Gamma-linolenic Acid.
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Saponification value of jojoba oil – 97.5
Jojoba oil contains mystiric acid, proteins, and a callogen like protein making it ideal for hair and skin care products. More wax than oil, it doesn't go rancid, making it ideal for massage and bath oils.
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Saponification value of kukui nut oil – 190.0
Latin: Aleurites moluccana. Kukui Nut Oil is extracted from the seeds of a tropical tree, mainly from Hawaii. Good for dry skin, ezcema, and psoriasis. It is moisturizing, soothing, and healing to the skin.
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Saponification value of lard – 194.6
An economical soap fat, Lard is used in conjunction with other more moisturizing oils in modern soap making. Lard will help to create a hard bar of white soap with good foam. Food Grade.
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Saponification value of macadamia nut oil – 195.0
A premium moisturizing oil, high in oleic and palmitoleic acids (fatty acids), rich in potassium and magnesium. Great in lotions, creams, massage/bath oils for its emollient properties, helpful for eczema. Great for superfatting soaps.
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Saponification value of olive oil – 189.7
A Blend of Pomace and Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Superior penetrating power. Used extensively in Soap Making, Massage Oils, Lotions, etc.  Obtained from ripe olives grown around the Mediterranean Sea.
>> Wholesale Olive Oil

Saponification value of palm oil – 199.1
Derived from the pulp of the fruit of the African Palm Tree, palm oil makes a hard bar of soap which cleans well and saponifies easily. One of the dominant soap oils, it helps liquid oils come to trace quicker.
>> Wholesale Palm Oil

Saponification value of palm kernel oil – 219.9
Derived from the African Palm Tree, palm kernel oil makes a soap which is white, hard, and lathers beautifully in all types of water. It is quickly becoming one of the dominant oils in modern soap making.
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Saponification value of rosehip oil – 193.0
Derived from the Rosa Mosqueta rose, rosehip oil is renowned for its skin care properties. Extremely rich in Vitamin C, rosehip also contains a high content of linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid. Great for dry or aging skin.
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Saponification value of sesame oil – 187.9
Sesame oil contains a high percentage of unsaponifiables, making it great for super-fatting soap. Used in bath, body, and facial products for its moisturizing qualities. It is rich in Oleic and Linoleic Fatty Acids.
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Saponification value of shea nut butter – 180.0
A premium skin moisturizing agent, Shea Nut Butter is great in soap, massage bars, lotions, or just thrown in the bath for super soft skin. Used extensively in super fatted soap as it resists rancidity.
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Saponification value of soybean oil – 190.6
A great oil in massage, skin, bath and personal care products. Soya is naturally rich in tocopherols (Vitamin E), and contains both gamma linoleic and gamma linolenic essential fatty acids.
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Saponification value of – 188.7
Sunflower Oil contains tocopherols (vitamin E) and is very high in linoleic acid. Sunflower Oil is light and odorless. Used in massage and in lotions and creams because of its great lubricity.
>> Wholesale Sunflower Oil