Massage Melt Recipe

Makes Approx. 8 x 75 gram Bars

Massage melts are a recent addition to the body care marketplace. Formulated with a variety of solid oils, carrier oils and essential oils, they are designed to be a solid bar which when placed on the skin will slowly melt from the heat. This in theory makes for less mess.

The massage melt below has a variety of ingredients in its formulation. The goal with this melt is to make a firm bar that will give the skin lots of lubricity, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. Scent this product with essential oil, customizing it to suit the desired mood of the occasion.


         Part A
16%     Stearic Acid                                       85 grams
21%     Beeswax                                           107 grams
16%     Cocoa Butter                                      85 grams
16%     Palm Oil                                             85 grams
16%     Coconut Oil                                      &nbsp 85 grams

5%      Shea Butter                                     &nbsp 23 grams

Part B
5%   Sunflower Oil                                       &nbsp 23 grams
5%   Apricot Kernel Oil                                   &nbsp 23 grams
1%   Vitamin E MTS-50                                     5 grams

1. Heat Part A in a double boiler, stirring until all solids are dissolved.
2. Once the solids are fully melted, remove from heat and allow to cool slightly.
3. Once the product has cooled down somewhat but has not yet started to set up on the sides or surface, add ingredients of Part B and stir continuously to combine.
4. Add 1 teaspoon of the essential oil of your choice, then pour into Deodorant Tubes, Jumbo Lip Balm Tubes, or Plastic Molds.

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